Faqs About Cataract Surgery

Your vision plays a central role in daily life. Without clear vision, it would be difficult to drive, work, or watch television with ease. As the body begins to age, vision loss can occur. Sometimes this vision loss cannot be corrected with the use of prescription eyeglasses. Cataracts fall into this category. Only surgical procedures can reverse the effects a cataract can have on one's vision. What is a cataract?

Carotenoids: Improve Your Eyesight With These Tips

If you're concerned about your vision, you might retire to bed early at night or wear sunglasses during the day. You may even massage your eyes to help them feel better. Although these good habits keep your eyes healthy, they might not be enough. You can protect your eyes even further by eating fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids. Here's more information about carotenoids below.  What Are Carotenoids and How Do They Help?