3 Lens Coatings To Consider When Buying Eyeglasses

One of the hardest parts about buying a new pair of eyeglasses is determining just which options and lens coatings to get, mostly because all of them will be able to provide their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are three lens coatings to consider when buying eyeglasses.


One of the most useful lens coatings to get for your eyeglasses is an anti-glare coating. An anti-glare coating can benefit you in a wide variety ways, with one of the biggest being that it will help eliminate some of the halo effects and blindness that can sometimes be caused by driving at night and being exposed to high-powered headlights.

An anti-glare lens coating is also extremely useful if you happen to work in an office all day. One of the reasons for this is that the anti-glare coating can reduce some of the brightness from your computer monitor, and help reduce a portion of the eyestrain and headaches that you may get by staring at that monitor all day. In addition, the anti-glare lens coating can also help eliminate some of the issues that can be caused by harsh overhead lighting that you can often be exposed to in a traditional office environment.


Another type of lens coating that is extremely useful is a hydrophobic coating. A hydrophobic coating is designed to reduce the build-up of moisture on your glasses that can often lead to your eyeglasses fogging up.

The condensation and fogging can be extremely annoying and irritating if you live in a cold environment because it means that your glasses are going to be constantly fogging up as you enter and exit buildings or your vehicle. This can also lead to quite a few safety risks as you may find that your eyeglasses are fogging up just as you are getting into your vehicle to begin driving.


Finally, one of the biggest reasons that people end up replacing their old eyeglasses is due to scratches all over the lenses. Over time, the scratches can greatly reduce your visibility and can make it extremely difficult to see clearly through your glasses.

However, there are scratch-resistant lens coatings that your optometrist can provide that will make it much harder for you to scratch your glasses. This means that your glasses are more likely to last for quite some time, typically until you need an updated prescription.

Speak with your optometrist today in order to discuss what lens coatings he or she would recommend and the benefits that those particular lens coatings can provide. When buying eyeglasses, make sure to consider anti-glare, hydrophobic, and scratch-resistant coatings in order to get the most out of your glasses.